Wednesday, August 19, 2009

squirt! just go.........

Berk Visual feat. LIVE DRUMMER! CHRIS CLARK & REBEL E appearances

Hell's Kitchen
124 Granby St.
Downtown Norfolk, Virginia 23510
[757] 624.1906

Thursday, August 20.2009 at 10:00 pm

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Lil Less Soul

On July 16, Patrick Kidd, a founding member of SOUL CNSR, passed away in a tragic car accident. PK, which everyone knew him by, was a young man who spent his last days doing what he loved to do, creating and establishing a clothing label, SOUL CNSR. He diligently put his heart and mind into the effort. Although he physically is no longer with us, his spirit remains knee deep in the creation. His dream will be completed by September when a consignment shop (hasn't been named yet) opens up in Hampton off of King St. The shop will sell kicks, shirts designed by PK, D "Rick" and others and other dope labels. The success of this dream hinges on your support. Help keep PK's dream alive by supporting his efforts by contacting JKIDD at 757-897-5255 or D "RICK" at 757-510-7396. We are planning fundraisers to keep the ball moving. A party is also planned to help kick off PK's dream. W/ your support we can make it happen.

A Tribute to PK

From throwbacks to classics;
Paperbags to platics;
PK seranrapped his kicks
Keeping the dirt from getting drastic.

He was so fresh, so clean;
Joined the designers "Dream Team;"
Now that he linked up w/ Versace;
We can all sit back and gleam.

Bubba was always at peace;
Higher than the clouds;
But never out of reach;
Proudly presenting himself quietly but loud.

Colorful as usual;
Never plain black and white;
He was Ghandi at heart;
All races he'd unite.

He had the swag of a jag;
Animal and car;
Never had to brag;
Cuz he shined like a star.

He lived in a Commonwealth state of mind;
W/ his approach to style and design.

Took his time when it came to work;
Looking for ways to create the hottest T-shirts.

PK all day never had a bad bone is his body;
Which makes it hard to fathom why the Lord Almighty;
Exercised his will to take away my lil' homie.
But God needs young angels too;
To keep the youth in heaven from getting lonely.

A son and brother;
Nephew and cousin;
Who possessed a ton of friends;
That couldn't have come cheaper by the dozen.

Guns, Patrick never blasted;
Only greeted you w/ a smiling face;
Wasn't intimidated to bluff you;
A card player holding that ace.
Loved to take Grandma Lucy's money;
When it came to the poker table;
Making sure to replace it with love;
Everytime he was capable.

No matter if you called him PK;
I called him P-Trick;
He was destined to get rich;
From us all copping his kicks.

But God intercepted;
He had another plan;
Out the car he was ejected;
As his soul jumped out and ran.

To the gates of heaven;
Where he had a blind date;
He couldn't have shown up soon enough;
For the Lord to accept his fate.

Showing respect and love was his Golden Rule;
Now that he's gone, we've witnessed the death of the cool.
A one of a kind original-the rock to my roll;
Patrick Mikel Kidd, the Connosieuer of Soul.

On July 12th, 1990, a legend was born;
On July 16th, 2009, the legend will live on.

God Bless Patrick Mikel Kidd, Bubba, PK, P-Trick

Sunday, June 14, 2009


So tomorrow around 6 P.M I'm going to hop on a plane and head back to VA which I'm not looking forward to this experience out here has been dope its way different than being in our area , i mostly have to thank Alyssa because shes who made this trip what it was ha. i see myself falling for her more and more everyday. shes dope as fuck i enjoy every second we spend together type shit and for those of you that don't know me i really don't ever find the whole relationship scene to be what i need but when it comes down to her its like i have a whole another set of feelings its like a whole new ball park actually fuck that its a whole new sport you could say... she really makes me feel some type of way. anyway i don't wanna let the whole world in on all my business but you get the picture, If not you can frame that one <3 ha:). so as you can see i had a great time and unfortunately I'm going to be missing someone a fuck ton